CyberChair FAQ

Q: I've now collected the reviewer's areas of expertise. This information is in the file /basicInfo/ReviewerExpertise.txt. How do I generate the corresponding html page from that file?
A: Use the script .../adm/, as follows in an interactive Python session:
>>> from genPapDist import makeExpertiseList
>>> from genPapDist import writeExpertiseFile
>>> makeExpertiseList()
>>> writeExpertiseFile()

Note: In the next version, this stuff has been taken out of the script, while reviewers can submit a form to indicate their expertise, instead of the maintainer having to collect them by email or by writing a form of his own. This stuff is not yet available for download. But clients of Borbala will already be able to use this (and more new stuff).

Q: When I use .../cgi-bin/ to convert reviews that were sent by email, some fields are truncated after the first line.?
A: Comment out the line "d[k] = rstripnewlines(d[k])" in function "stripSpacesAndTabs". This problem was corrected on February 13, 2001

Q: When I try to submit an abstract, I get the error message "Your server is not allowed to access this script." What is causing this?
A: This message is displayed by the function checkserver() in file .../ For security, this functions checks if the script was called from your webserver. You probably downloaded CyberChair before 23 October 2000 and use a subdirectory in the URL of the submission site. In that case, you need to change 2 constants in the file .../cgi-bin/
- Remove the name of the subdirectory from the constant servername, including the slash (at or around line 80.
- Add the subdirectory (including a trailing slash) to the constant conference_url, at or around line 90.

Q: The reviewers' pages have been (re)generated. After clicking a paper number from the top frame, some links are shown on the left. When I click "Fill in your review", I get an error message. What should I do?
A: You have to click again. The frame that contains this link is generated and displayed, while the review form is being generated. So, at the time the frame with the link is shown, the file that the link points to may not yet be in it's place. It appears to me that browsers check the existance of links, prior to displaying them. After the first failure, apparently a new lookup is done, and the file is found.

Q: When authors submit their paper via HTML upload, can they submit more than one file?
A: Sure. They should just put them in one file (using winzip, compress or gzip), and upload that file. The reviewers can then unzip the file for reviewing after downloading the file.

Q: When I run one of the "send" scripts in the adm directory, e.g..../adm/
I get the message:
File "", line 53, in ?
from reviewerfieldnames import *
ImportError: No module named reviewerfieldnames

A: Replace "reviewerfieldnames" by "revinfodatafieldnames".

Last update: 13 February 2001