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Asian fonts
Pdf files created by authors from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. often turn out to contain characters that cannot be displayed by the standard (English) version of Acrobat Reader. As a result, major parts of these files may not be readable and/or printable. Please make sure that your pdf file does not contain such local Asian fonts. It will delay the review process and cause extra overhead. If you are lucky, you are asked to submit a corrected version. Otherwise, your submission might simply be rejected because it cannot be reviewed.

You can use Adobe Acrobat 5 to find out which fonts are used in your pdf file. Select File/Document Properties/Fonts (or Ctrl-Alt-F), and then click the List All Fonts... button. In general, the following Encoding (shown in the 3rd column) is fine:
  • Built-in
  • Standard
  • Identity-H
  • Windows
  • Custom
  • Ansi
The following Encoding is known to cause problems:
  • H
  • ETenms-B5-H or likewise
  • 90ms-RKSJ-H or likewise
  • KSCms-UMC-H or likewise
  • GBK-EUC-H or likewise

With Adobe Acrobat 7, use File/Document Properties (or Ctrl-D), and click the 'Fonts' tab to find out which fonts have been used in your document.

If you have been asked to correct your pdf file, please make sure you also check headers and footers.
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