Laura Dillon & Walter Tichy, ICSE 2003 Program Co-Chairs:

"There is one person who we would like to thank especially, and that is Richard van de Stadt, who ran the cyberchair. He was extremely responsive throughout the time we were running the submission, as well as the review process. We could not have done without him.(...)

WOW: So anything else interesting that you would like to share? WT: Well, there was the fire. LD&WT: Two days before the PC meeting was to happen, Richard van de Stadt was out of communication. This was very unusual, since he is usually extremely dependable. We then found out that his building in the University of Twente was burned down completely. In spite of that, he still got everything ready in time for the PC meeting. Fortunately, we did not lose anything. The servers, on which the files were, themselves were located in University of Karlsruhe."

Source: ICSE's Window on the World (WOW), Vol. 9 issue 1